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Know Types of Agate and Jasper Jewelry: Pendants and more

Until April of 2016, we're using Ebay to provide the sites "shopping store function". You'll go to each stones link, and make a purchase there. While your purchase may present you with the option to use Paypal, you do not have to have a Paypal account to use your credit or debit card. Just follow the instructions there and pay as a guest. Items are there for sale and not on Ebay auction.
Types of Jasper

Stone Types, Terms and Ordering

this is also Jasper

After April 1, you can shop on this site. Thanks for understanding as we initiate this quality jasper and agate pendant online store!

A. Ordering:

 Each item pictured is listed with a link to the Ebay sales listing, and Ebay and these terms apply:

B. Terms:

We'll sell you only fully new and not used items. Others deserve that as well, so understand our policies about "no returns" and handling of  damages in shipment.  This policy is to keep the integrity of each stone the high. You can be assured you have not bought a stone worn or handled by others, and you extend this policy to your own purchases as well.  

1. open your package in full strong daylight or strong blue white lights indoors to have a best first view of your stone.

Most semiprecious and precious stones are dark and need full light. If opened in dark warm light, your initial impression of a jasper, pendant an emerald, a $5 tourmaline, an amethyst ring, and all other stones in nature will be deflating. Stones need light and make your first impression a good one!  Then, find how to work with lighting for not just your jasper and agate pendants, but all your stone and gem jewelry.

If you have a stone that seems too dark for you, work with it, work with light, and work with your wardrobe. 
Low or warm light: all will look brown or black

View and manage pendants in "blue white" light to see all colors as they are!

Be sure you choose well and understand the light issues lined out at this site, so you'll be happy to open up your package.

Avoid cutting the package and contents: some stones will mark with steel blades

How to work with light for your Pendants

We seek to provide a better product up front, and have clear descriptions and photos, so you can see what you are getting and imagine sizes. You might, when buying take out a ruler to compare sizes so your pendant doesn't arrive too large or too small, compared to what you expected. We work hard up front to make you happy.

Your shipping includes several costs: shipping, insurance, and Ebay Paypal fees and taxes

2. Our duty for your item purchased ends when we drop off your package at the shipper: USPO, UPS, or Fedex.
Manage online purchases: have the claim link saved

Be in the know

After that point, contact only that shipper for damage claims, not us, because they are liable and the shipping company only will determine your insurance coverage that came with the shipping method. 

Damage by shipping then, to either the box or the items purchased is between you and the delivery company (UPS, USPO, Fedex). You will file your claim with them and seek damage recovery from them. If a reimbursement is paid, it will come from them to you.  When you get your reimbursement from them, please reorder a different replacement stone, which is what their reimbursement is for.

Our duty to you is completed to you for that package when dropped of at the shipper, but we cannot accept returns, refunds, or exchanges of pendants after purchase for any and all reasons, and here is why:
see the full list at the website

Returns though of stones is a not possible because stones can be scratched, handled, and touched (see care articles on oils):

As such, any returned stone is no longer of value to us, because it is both used and damaged. We only sell here fully new items to all, and so we don't accept returns, replacements, or exchanges because the stone likely would have to go a thrift store. While precious stones like emeralds are impacted by the first touch and wear, the semi precious stones are more porous and impacted by liquids, oils, and natural oils found simply in your home, scissors, or on your hands. Stones of all types are further impacted by exposure to light and pressure. Here are two real examples:
underwear and precious stones are not returnable

  • Simone works in a tanning salon and opened her package with a nice Agate Pendant near the UV tanning beds. With half exposes and part covered by an envelope, the stone show UV damage and was now light and dark. 

Well, our hands have natural oils on them 24/7, but not quit this bad

Stone Types, Terms and Ordering

  • Sue, while baking opened her package and looked it over. She had a light professional cooking spray on her hands with unfamiliar chemicals, and her kids playing with toys has mineral oils on hands that really didn't show up, which was absorbed into the jasper pendant. We live in a world of chemicals and oils without awareness!

Bob's place. Now where did I put that gift jasper pendant for Nicki???

  • Bob, buying a gift, damaged the stone by opening the packaging with a hunting knife, and left the pendant out where a heavy but wood speaker was placed on the stone. He further put the gift in a box where the metal findings scratched the cover. The Pendant showed damage from scratching and pressure.

UV light

Remember, these are gems, and we must educate all on handling them.

This is a good idea:

Damaged packages for small items are rare. It seems small boxes and padded envelopes are just survivors. Still, I've not found many companies not very helpful claims of damage when under $50.
Whether your package is insured for $50 or $500, it's still your right to get damages refunded you. If your package or stone are damaged, this may help:

a. be fast making the claim....don't wait. 

In fact, call them that same day and start the claim over the phone. Save the package and any contents. It's likely you may be able to keep a damaged stone, then be reimbursed to purchase a new
It's best to file a claim the same day of arrival

b. write down the facts: how the box was damaged, how was the item damaged. Take photos and save them. 

c. We ship by US Postal Service Priority mail and charge a shipping fee that reflects nearly the actual costs of shipping, insurance, and extra fees charged us. We're not here like most online companies: profiting from high shipping fees. Your fee which is a set fee covers: package insurance, postage printing fees and sometimes taxes, and the shipping cost.

Rates for shipping and insurance are

Purchases to $50.00                          $10 ship and insurance
Purchase to 50.01 to$100                  $15 ship and added insurance
Purchases to $200                              $20
Purchases to $300                              $30
and $10 added per hundred.

If you file a claim, see USPS guides and restrictions. If God grants you a reimbursed claim: you'll likely be reimbursed:
  • actual item cost proven by a receipt you'll need to submit
  • cost of actual shipping by UPS, but not always the insurance cost
  • Tax
  • But not: A small amount we paid to fees to print postage paid to both Ebay and Paypal, taxes, etc. which amounts to about one third of what you were charged for shipping and added insurance. We won't be reimbursed those few dollar so those few dollars can't be reimbursed to you. We regret this but that is how systems function.
You'll have a tracking number, and submit claims to:

USPS link to file a damage claim

The reimbursement: make sure the reimbursement is to you and not us.
take photos

show inner damage

watch out for cats

C. Stone types: There is a normal risk in buying jasper and agate variations the buyer assumes.

Stones are sold to us by the name of their type. We inspect all stones thoroughly to authenticate this. If we have any doubts, we'll list that in the item description. We do get fakes, and discard them. Your best chance of getting authentic stones is from a site like this with precious stone enthusiasts.

Should there be a situation where a similar stone was sold under different name, it was inspected, and looks like the correctly named stone, accept that both our business, stone cutters, and collectors all do their best at correct classification, but it is not entirely possible. Rest assured, that if you have a jasper pendant that was presented to us as Picasso Jasper and looks like that, but is said to be Nevada Jasper, then rest assured that 6 experts would say it is Picasso and 6 would say it's Nevada Jasper. We'll do our best to scrutinize. But, if your jasper or other stone is found later under a different name, it's likely you'll have a stone that is MORE valuable. Fully classifying and identifying of stones is often a matter of opinions, and some stones may found in small pockets around the world. There is risk in buying that buyers take, and sellers of stones can't be held liable for reimbursement, replacement, or any indemnity.  We'll work our hardest to identify, but the buy assumes risks. We are selling stones that you pick that resonate with you: if your Dalmatian Jasper is ultimately from Madagascar and not Oregon, you have something of equal value, but the personal value to you will not change.

Hopefully, we've reduced these risks for you.

Here is a chart by one jasper dealer with photos and names. At least 4 names of these stones are called by another name by by 2 other stone experts.  Despite this confusion, every stone shown is an incredible piece of art, showing color, form, texture, and contrast.

Some of the multitude of Types of Jasper stone, Chart 1

On this site, we sell semi-precious Jasper and Agate pendants in a healthy price range so most can build their Pendant Wardrobe, which is from $20 to $200. And, we prepare stones for durability, UV Light Protection and so that they can be worn often, so the Pendant Wardrobe and it's 7 basic soul types can be worn often, and will be durable enough to be worn often and passed on to next generations.

Confused? Mother nature must retain some mysteries and not all can be known.

Some artists we highly respect work with all types of semi precious stones worldwide. As a demonstration of both their art and difficulty of names, note this artists profound work with a great Jasper stone. While magnificent, this is still a piece with a silver mass produced backing. At Spirit Stones we seek to have one of a kind, in your price range. You'll never bump into a person with your exact form and embellishments of pendant as we work with each piece based on it's own character. This piece is presented primarily to show the problem with name difficulties. Called Bruneau Jasper, this find picture jasper could be called by others Owhyee Jasper, Succor Creek Jasper, Picture Jasper, or Biggs Jasper. Here, it is called Bruneau Jasper, which is at the base of the Owhyee Mountain Range.

What's in a name: it's called surely "my soul stone"

D. Enjoy: Your 7 Pendants chose you!

 Go from glum ....


no jasper pendant
no agate pendant

 to giddy:

Queen for the day and jewels

Queens and pendants

Queen Mum and pendant

And, be sure to keep your pendants stored not touching anything else, laying flat, and in trays lined with velour and light proof lid:

Our other tip on storage: if you can't easily find these, use bamboo dinner ware trays and line with adhesive flocked paper. Use a second on top to hold jewelry not light sensitive like glass and resin. $9 tray Walmart, $2 flocked sheets Hobby Lobby.

More Pendant Care information

Stone Types, Terms and Ordering

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