Sunday, May 29, 2016

It's Scooter's Big Shoe, Sandal, and Boot Sale! Plus 20 Free

Pre-order sale: Shoes

Ruby Slipper Charm: you had the power in you all the time!
Hey, we're ordering some great fashion shoe and boot charms and they'll be coming from Asian high quality manufacturers in 2 months. But, we want to include you in that order: you can buy at near our price for the items, shipping and our taxes for 10 days only.....then, they'll be available at our price. And, we're now ordering ONLY those items that showed the highest appeal to our customers who seek have told us they seek jewelry that shows it is classy, a good value, and is durable. This Pre-Order sale includes those items: you told us and we listened!

Buy these small inexpensive bundles now, and they will arrive from the manufacturers and be shipped to you in 60 days. Just in time for a Christmas Present. We won't tell if it's a present for you, but there will be time enough for you to ship to your sister in Hawaii or even Japan.

Tie your necklace gift onto a package or gift bag.

 $25.00 a set  and true price shipping

 Below are $25.00 sets of Shoe Charms with necklaces and rings. 

Did you know you could put the same 3 charms on one necklace?  Add an extra ring to the middle charm to make it drop just a bit. 

Now, do you like Deals? 

Buy 8 sets, 2 of each below, and get 20 Charms worth $80 (no necklace though), and rings to match. Some have Swarovski Crystals or Cubic Zircons. 

white high heel pendant charm with Swarovski Crystals

High Boot charm pendant in Silver Plate, light yellow

Black and Gold baked enamel shoe charm

classiest: black and gold on a shoe charm, rare too!

2 tone high heel textured shoe charm

Flower and toe painted white on high heel shoe charm

High Heal Charms, some with Cubic Zircons, some with Swarovski crystals, on gold or silver plate

So Sharp: shiny baked enamel high heal on Tibetan Silver, charm or pendant

High Heal Boot, or Fashion Cowboy Boot Charm or Pendant: light yellow on Silver Plate

Poiple Pumps: a lavender backed enable pump, over inch long, in Tibetan Silver

Wow, white, gold, pink, black mid heel shoe, baked enamel on gold plate.

Baked enamel shoe charms and pendants

Fire engine red High Heal, with Swarovski Crystals on real plate silver, with plate silver welded ring.

Too hot to handle. Black and White Fashion High Heal with texture and white on toe and flower. May come with heal black or white.

This collection was approved by Imelda Marcos...get not one, but them all!

20 Free Shoes, Boots, Some with Swarovksi Crystals or Cubic Zircons. All enamel baked.
Sized: 19mm to 31 mm. 19mm is about 3/4 inch and makes a small classy pendant or bracelet charm. 31mm makes a focal pendant charm and is about 1 1/3 inches.

White High Heel, Baked Enamel with Cubic Zircon Crystals 
1 ea

1 ea, Black Baked Enamel on Tibetan Silver, Pendant size

Baked Enamel Boot (light yellow, though the photo has a green cast), Pendant size, Plate Silver
1 ea

 Purple Baked Enamel Slipper, 26mm
2 Each

One of each three colors: pink, white, black Baked enamel

Silver Plate Shiny Baked Enamel deep red, with Swarovski Crystals and welded ring
1 each

Two Toned Black and White textured heel, baked enamel.
1 each

That makes 12, and we'll add 8 more assorted quality brass, Tibetan silver or gold Shoe and Boot Charms, retro and fashion. You won't be disappointed. The package includes this Brand Name Designer Gold Antiqued Boot Pendant:

This is by a designer name which we can't disclose. Antiqued Gold goes with anything. Quality all around, textured high heal.

Would you like a variety of colors?  Order all 4 sets in one day and we'll
Include one Panda Pi Orange and Blue Murano Glass Bead necklace, which includes an 18-20" navy blue suede necklace with plate silver endings.
Our own color of glass bead with sterling silver cores: value $49.
Buy 2 or 3 sets, get as many BSU or Denver Broncos Orange and Blue Colored necklaces.
That's like  getting half off all the charms and necklaces.

Now until September 15, 2016

Shoe Charm/Pendant Set 1: Dorothy's Ruby Slippers

At Scooter Bee, you'll find these charms are different than anything else available to you: they are full 3-d, instead of flat or hollow. This is very important. On a necklace like a Chinese Silk Thread, they have just enough weight to hold it down and have a good smooth feel. They are unique. They can be mounted any side, and don't require your constant attention to turn a flat charm or pendant to the front. These charms are polished and have no rough edges of the flat or hollow types also. Expect the metals below and the baked enamel to endure most wear, light abuse, and last for generations.

Scooter Bee's Charms are great as a primary pendant on a thinner necklace, added to any other necklace you have, or added to a charm bracelet like string bracelets or Pandora bracelets. But, some have bought the Ruby Slipper charm just to collect or to put on a work lanyard. It's actually difficult to find a quality baked enamel charm in the jewelry world of junk and overpriced. These, when Scooter finds them, are like the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears: these charms are JUST right.

I've always been a fan of baked enamel. My mother Margo was a collector of enameled items and cloisonné. And, while going to high school in Brazil, I became familiar that countries love of baked enamel jewelry and decor as that country is one where the craft arts have been promoted highly. It's called the Plastic Arts there, though not limited to plastic. And, of any piece of baked enamel purchased, I found it lasts, does not flake or peel off, and retains its color without fading.

Ruby slipper charms and pendants, go fast. Put them on a single necklace for a small pendant with class.

Dorothy wants you to own your own power and wear this charm daily! Ruby Slipper shoe charm pendant could go on a string or charm bracelet.

This is the ONE Charm most pick up and buy. We've sold out ONLY on this charm. And, men have also bought this charm. See our article also on Dorothy and the Healing Stone: Ruby Red and Emerald Green in the Ruby and Zoisite or Ruby and Fuchsite pendant at:

navy blue polished hemp cord is slinky, sexy. This one materials: once tried is preferred.

Chinese String necklace, adjusts, no metal, red or black with jade beads.

Dorothy's Ruby Slippers. Kit of 3 small charms and 3 of our best necklaces:
3 small Charms or very small pendant: 18mm is about 3/4 inch
3 Oversized silver plate jump rings (about 2/5 inch round).
1 Black Suede necklace 18-20"
1 Black Chinese Silk Thread adjustable necklace from 15 inch to 28 (make this a choker or sweater necklace during the day. With tiny white jade beads. Chinese Silk Thread come rather curled up and seem small on first trying. But, this is our most desired necklace. Wet the necklace to straighten. The charm or any item can be tied on with the 2 dangle strings, or use the silver ring. This necklace is partially crocheted and has not a single metal part.
1 Blue Silky Polished Hemp 3mm necklace 18-22" Dark Navy Blue. All three necklaces we've chosen have a soft feel. The Hemp and Suede Necklace both have silver plate endings.
3 jewelry bags
One real jeweler's white glove for stones and precious jewelry (this is a great time to start building your pendant wardrobe and get the few easy "build" and "rebuild supplies". We'll post videos on easy changes to jewelry soon. You can build yourself 99% of all stylish jewelry with:
Under $10 in tools
Some simple steps
And using "component system jewelry" we feature. Component system jewelry is simply large hole pendants and charms, necklaces with narrower ends to these can be slipped on and off, and a "keep" to hold parts at work or in your purse.

Value: Charms $6 each, 18.00
Rings, oversized silver plate, .25 each
Necklaces, the kit of three we sell at festivals the 3 for 15.00, but the value of each is actually a total of $25.00
Jeweler's glove $2
Value for Scooter's regular prices: 37.00

But, Until September 15, 2016 Only
$25 a kit and shipping (you pay only for actual shipping cost: the Priority Mail and Insurance $50 insurance).  

This slipper is aqua colored, but we think it will be a light green. Match it with the ruby slippers, two of them and one of these, and you have Rubies and Emeralds.

Jewelry is measured in MM, unlike USA inches. Figure one inch is 25mm.

Shoe 2: Essential Green Heels


This shoe is also available in green, and single shoe, but the same slightly longer then narrower.  It looks a bit jadeite color here, but may be truer green, but not darker. This shoe has a larger heal. Here's it's shown on a polished hemp necklace.

This kit varies just to match the green Heel Shoe of contrasting necklaces:
Silver Rings are included
ONE RED CHINESE Silk adjustable necklace is provided, which two tiny real jadeite beads.
One Brown polished Hemp Necklace
One Brown suede necklace, sizes and endings same as above.

Scooter reminds me to tell you: Americans vary more in neck size than any other time in history. She said, "If you're like Dr. B and have an Idaho Sugar Beet size neck like him, you can ask for a one FREE 6 inch necklace extender in silver plate chain and silver plate lobster claw". Most attach the extender and keep it there whether using or not, dangling just a bit on the back of the neck, it shows you know something about jewelry.

An 18 to 20 inch necklace fits most. If you have a large neck, it will be almost a choker size, and then during the day, you can loosen it buy just adjusting the necklace extender. The necklace extender's are great as you get to pick just how much to add, from a half to the full amount just by connecting at any place on the chain. If you want a longer sweater necklace or are a Japanese Popstar, the sweater length is typically 28 inches.  We carry all sizes and can build for you a necklace size in Silver Plate, Sealed Brass  (not the rub off variety), braided leather, faux suede, and thick and thin braided polished hemp cord. Contact us for special requirements, including hypoallergenic types. The Chinese Silk Cord above has no metals and is adjustable from 12 to 27 inches, but is still a bit short the sweater length.

This is a charm or tiny pendant. (remember, small is the most beautiful type of charm or pendant piece, and draws the most attention, showing classy styling on your part).
Baked high quality look on Tibetan Silver

(Tibetan Silver has a lower quantity pure silver than Sterling Silver or Silver Plate. It is commonly used and avoids the glitzy silver look as it looks worn a bit. While the most common metal for charms, if you have known metal allergies, try the Silver Plate boot below.)

Shiny blood red high heel in baked enamel and Tibetan Silver. A "3-d" charm or pendant means it is not flat and as it hangs from necklace, shows from any side. Get 3-D

Shoe 3: High Style High Heel

And, here's the Red High Heel
27mm, 1 1/8 inch
Tibetan Silver

3 Charms and the black blue necklace set above

In sky blue, plate silver sandal pendant charm in 3-d

Sandal charm pendant features textured bottom like the real sandals.

Baked enamel flip flop sandal charm has one Swarovski Crystal.

4. Blue Sandals

Blue Baked Enamel Sandal Charm, Swarovski Crustal
23mm, just under an inch long. Ok for small focal pendant or charm: small is good.
3-D with nice sandal diam

3 Charms with the black blue necklace set above

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